Sunday, March 30, 2014

Passion Project Update!

As of March 27th:
I haven't exactly started my project yet. My original plan was to do my project on pet peeves and at first I was pretty interested and I was creating a list of pet peeves. I even created a survey and began my prezi. Then I started the research and I could not get into it. Not only was there barely information, but it was all very boring. Since it was very boring (and I have a five second attention span) I kept getting distracted and I couldn't concentrate on researching. It was not going well and I decided I needed to do something or else I would get absolutey nowhere in this thing. 
As I was sitting in the hair salon for two and a half hours, I came up with the idea to change my project to Pixar. I think it would be cool to learn about how they create the animations, what jobs (besides animators) they have there, and the history of the company itself. I've always loved Pixar movies and was always fascinated by how great the animations are. Well, I have an idea and a Ted Talks video (Thanks Ms. Mystrena!) so where do I go from here?
 I need to do research on the company, the programs they use, and anything else that comes up and has to do with Pixar or animations. I also need to create some form of presentation to show the class what I have learned. I think it was a good decision to change my project because I feel that I will actually get stuff done for this project and enjoy it. I do wish if I had changed it a while ago (or maybe even have just picked Pixar to begin with).
As of March 30th:
I began to research the company of Pixar and started to take notes of the history of the company and the films that they have produced. I still need to do everything else that I have mentioned above and complete the history. I'm going to work on it at home so then I can make up for the days that I was distracted with the other project so I should be able to get everything done. 

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