Thursday, October 24, 2013


Welcome to my blog post about grades!! (Is that a good introduction? Nah I didn't think so either.) So in Rogate we have been discussing grades and about which we would rather have: Standards Based Grading or the "traditional" way. The "traditional" way as numbers for a final grade and Standards Based Grading as in separate grades for every single thing with a scale of 1-4. 1-Not Proficient 2- Partially Proficient 3- Proficient 4- Advanced Proficient.
I do not think the current grade system accurately represents my knowledge because it is unfair.  What I mean is that numbers do not give us a representation on what we know and do not know in the long run. Some teachers decide to give out extra credit like its candy on Halloween. Just because we answered three questions about Spain or Spanish culture and brought it in on the following Monday does not mean we should get nine whole extra points on a quiz or test. Now without that extra credit I probably would be failing  (aka having a B) in that class, but I still don't think it is fair.  I probably sound like a hypocrite, but anywho I think it is completely unfair that people (like me) are passing the class because of questions they can get off of google.
  I personally think that grades are used to "rank" us. By "rank" I mean see of who is "better" and should get into the "best" colleges. Our grades determine of what school we get into which then determines of what job we get and then of how successful/happy we will be. So pretty much, how we do now will determine our future. Isn't that lovely?
I honestly think the best way to go would be a combination of both the "traditional" way and Standards Based Grading. I think the "traditional" way would be good for tests being that I'm just so used to getting a number grade on a test and I don't think that words will represent the grade properly. When I go and check Powerschool, I'm able to see of how many I got wrong from doing the calculations of points. Whereas with the Standards Based Grading you wouldn't be able to see of how many you have gotten wrong until you have actually seen the physical test itself. I do think that we should have the Standards Based Grading on the report cards though. I have no idea if you are currently picturing what I am, but I am going to keep explaining and you may get even more confused. Oh well! So on a test on fractions in math you can get a 95% and you will see what you got wrong, but then on your report card it may say that you have a 4 (Advanced Proficient) in fractions. If you got a 60% on a test for area and perimeter in math then on the report card you will probably have a 1 (not proficient) or a 2 (partially proficient) in area and perimeter.  You will then be able to see visually on your report card exactly what you need to work on.
Well that seems to be it! Have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hi everybody!! This year I'm on Team Achieve! I'm upstairs just like last year! YAYY UPSTAIRS!!!! (that means less people and I don't like people) I like some of my classes like ROGATE, History, and Algebra. ROGATE is awesome because of the people in it and the way we learn things. History is really fun because my teacher makes the class interesting and has a great sense of humor. I like Algebra for a few reasons, one being that my teacher has an awesome accent and is really nice and two being the people in my class always make me laugh. So school is going pretty good so far.
Enough of school, now for ONE DIRECTION!! WHOOP WHOOP!! And other bands, but mainly One Direction. I can already hear the groans of annoyance, but you've already started reading so might as well finish! If you were in my ROGATE class last year, then you would already know that I'm nutjob about that really good looking boy-band who is currently number one. Even though they are the best looking and best singers of today I still do have other favorite bands. Those bands are: Fall Out Boy, Cold Play, The Fray, Panic! At The Disco!, and The Script. Oh and I like John Mayer too! Well I hope you have a fantabulous day!!