Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Two Colorful Tests

Yes, we did take two colorful tests. One was green and one was blue. Those colors have nothing to do with anything, as far as I am aware of. The tests we took were the Gregorc (the green one) and the Gardner (the blue one). They are both learning style tests.

On the Gregorc test you could be any of the four following catagories. Concrete Sequential, Abstract Random, Concrete Random, and Abstract Sequential. In whatever catagory you score the highest in, that is your learning style. I scored highest in Concrete Random. Apperantley, if you are Concrete Random you are independent, creative, a risk-taker, unusual, an experimenter, inventive, a problem-solver, curious, investigative, and intuitive. I would have to agree with most of these. One thing I would not agree with is risk-taker, but you don't have agree with everything on the list. I would have to agree with mostly everything else though.

On the Gardner test you could score a zero through five on sections A-E. I scored highest on section C which is musical. This means I am a musical learner. I think the name explains what type of learner I am, but just in case I will explain to you what a musical learner is. A musical learner thinks via rhythms and melodies. I haven't noticed it before but now I have that I can remember things better when put into a song and that I can complete work more quickly when listening to music. I also do enjoy listening to music in my free time. Mostly Taylor Swift and One Direction. I scored second highest in logical-mathematical and spatial. Logical-mathematical means that I think by reasoning and love to figure out puzzles and experimenting. My favorite subject in school besides ROGATE is math. A spatial learner is someone who thinks in images and pictures and loves to design and draw. I think this fits me very well that I was in Gifted and Talented art for two years and that I remember things better through pictures then through actual text. This could help me in school if we have vocabulary I could draw pictures next to it with the word inside. My fifth grade teacher had us do this and it did help me.

Okay three people that I admire. Now this is a tough one. That list is huge full of wonderful people, though I can only choose three. One person I would have to say that I admire is my brother, James. My brother is a sophomore at NBC High School and I really look up to him. I am not saying that I admire him because he is smart and he can help me with my homework (partially because whenever I ask him for help on homework he gives me some complicated explanation then tells me what it was), but mostly I admire him because he is just a good person. If I had to guess on what type of learner he is I would have to say he is musical, liguistic, and logical-mathematical on the Gardner test. On the Gregorc test I would have to say he is Abstract Sequential. Another person I admire is Taylor Swift, in case if you don't know who she is, she is a country pop singer. I would have to think she is a musical, ligiustic, and a Concrete Random learner. Another person I admire is Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande is a pop singer and actress. I think that she would be a musical, liguistic, and Concrete Random. Have an awesome day!!!!!!!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Just a blog about a girl who loves One Direction.

Cupcakes that I made (I didn't know how to make the pictures smaller).
Hi I'm Stephanie. I am 12 years old. My birthday is March 31. In my free time I love to play on my iPod, listen to One Direction, crochet, and bake. I also love to hang out with my friends. My favorite subject in school is math and ROGATE. My favorite singers of all time are Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, and One Direction. My favorite songs are Moments-One Direction, The A Team-Ed Sheeran, Live While We're Young-One Direction, and The Man Who Can't Be Moved-The Script. I have an older brother named James he is 15 years old and a member of Mensa. I have 11 cousins. One is on my mom's side of the family and ten on my dad's. I have two crazy dogs and one cat. My cat is an Orange Tabby named Tiger. My dogs' names are Penny and Molly they are both Black Labs. My goals are to meet One Direction and see them in concert, own a bakery with one of my best friends, Avery, and go to Disney World. Have an awesome day!