Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Autonomous Cars

Currently car manufacturers are debating how to program autonomous cars when faced with a sticky situation. One of these situations would be whether to hit a Volvo SUV or a Mini Cooper. Since the Mini Cooper is extremely small, it would take in more damage from the impact than the SUV. The SUV however, would probably have a lot more people in it creating a risk for more people to get harmed. If the car were programmed to hit the SUV that would mean that people who drive Mini Coopers would feel much safer than people who drive SUVs or other larger vehicles. This may cause a larger purchase in Mini Coopers which would be safer from autonomous cars, but more of a danger to very large trucks on the highway being those drivers probably cannot see the Mini Coopers. If the programmers were to program the cars to hit the Mini Cooper then that would probably mean more people getting injured or even killed in accidents involving autonomous cars.
Another situation like the previous is one with motorcycles. If the motorcyclist with the helmet is hit, he or she is being punished for being responsible. This may also encourage more people to not wear helmets.
I personally do not have a side with a random number generator. If there were a random number generator, the car company is not choosing the safest option that would minimize harm. If there were not a number generator then the company could be held responsible for the deaths of people involved.
I feel as though the person in the car should not be responsible for whatever happens because the car is in control. The person did not program the car to do anything so they should not be held responsible for what the car did.